Here at Mid-America Cycles we combine highly trained Harley technicians with below dealer prices. You can bring your bike in for repairs or maintenance and expect quality work without breaking your wallet. Give us a call. You will be glad you did.

Service, Repairs and Custom

We offer every service you need to keep your bike running at peak performance, backed by our years of experience and performed by our outstanding team of highly trained technicians.

We expertly maintain and repair your daily rider and when you are ready, we will Accessorize your bike, or create you a Show winning Custom from Mild to Wild!

1) Scheduled or Emergency Pick-Up

2) Oil and Filter Change

3) Scheduled Maintenance - Price Varies with Motorcycle

5) Service Checklist

6) Checkover List

6) Pre-Ride Inspection

8) Hydraulic Line Flush

Winter Storage - Daily Charge