XK-GLOW Lighting - Awesome AF! ON YOUR BIKE INSTALLED and OUT the DOOR !!

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A complete accent lighting package for your bike!

 What you'll Get:

  • Accent Lights All Under Your Bike; Fenders, Frame, Bags, Fairing
  • The Lights are Connected to your Stop and Turn Signals for maximum safety. All lights flash RED when brakes applied, AMBER lights flash either side when turn signals are activated.
  • Smartphone App Controls what colors, intensity, flash pattern that you can pre-program into it.
  • There is an Infinite Range of Colors
  • You can program your lights to match any color as easy as taking a photo ! Match your bike or your favorite LIPSTICK !!
  • Lights Can Be Programmed to Flash to the Beat of Your Music and to change with your SPEED!!

What's Included

  • 1pc XKchrome BLE 4.0 app controller.
  • 14pcs compact pods with mounting brackets.
  • 12pcs slim strips.
  • ON/OFF switch wire.
  • Brake Module
  • Turn Signal Module
  • Mounting accessories
  • Complete extension wire kit
  • Smartphone App to Control your Lights
Our Prices include installation on your Bike and Out the Door!!

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