Steamroller Baggers

History of the Steamroller Baggers

In the early 2000s Roy Ramsey wanted to make his Harley Bagger perform, handle, and ride better than the sport bikes he had torn up in his younger days. His 15-year journey resulted in the Steamroller Baggers built and offered exclusively at Mid-America Cycles in Appleton, Wisconsin. The Steamroller Bagger is the realization of a high performance touring bike that handles like a sport bike, is stable at triple digit speedsyet carves through the twisties effortlessly!


Early on in his search, Ramsey sought out the best parts to use with his new fat tire bikes and came to recognize the quality and engineering which Paul Richards delivers in his Native Custom Bagger parts. His proven technology has been tested since 2002 when he built his first wide front tire bike. He was so pleased with the outcome, he created and began selling his wide tire kits: Pit Bull and Pit Bull Pro. He has sold thousands of these kits with overwhelming acceptance by many happy customers. Professionally designed, engineered, and proven for well over a decade, Mid-America Cycles uses the Pit Bull kits exclusively for their Steamroller Bagger builds. Roy is convinced that this is the industry standard. All others are copies of this industry leader.


The Steamroller Bagger conversion is straightforward and reversible! The rake and trail doesn’t change, just the width of the front tire. No frame cutting, no alterations to your chassis, just the highest quality engineered parts.




Steamroller Bagger conversion prices start at $1,500.00.

Native Custom Baggers: Pit Bull Pro 180mm and 200mm front tires

Base Kit For Batwing, Road Glide or Road King: Trees, axle, wheel and fender spacers





Cow bells


Smooth axle

Smooth axle covers

Twin rotor conversion


Internals - front suspension