Stage 1
Stage 1

Stage 1 Engine Pkg - House Deal

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Stage 1 help
Tuner + Intake + Exhaust
Tuner Only [+$-950.00]
Tuner + Intake [+$-650.00]
Exhaust Only [+$-1,000.00]
Stage 1 + Intake Upgrade [+$500.00]
Stage 1 + Intake and Exhaust Upgrade [+$1,000.00]
Stage 1 + Intake and Exhaust Upgrade 2 [+$1,500.00]
Intake + Exhaust + Tune
This is the easiest and most cost effective first step to improve your motorcycle's performance by increasing the air flow into and out of the engine.  A high-flow air cleaner and system-matched slip on mufflers provide the horsepower and torque improvements you can feel through the RPM range and serve as the core components for all performance upgrades. ECM calibration is required to tune the fuel flow an timing required to accommodate the improved air flow. 
The basic package will improve you torque and horsepower by about 10%
We give you the option to build your Stage 1 Performance Kit part by part. Once it is complete, then you can build on it from Stage 2 to Turbo!!
 Our Prices are on the bike and out the door!!

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