Motorcycle Check Lists

We offer these check lists to all customers alone or in addition to any other service we are preforming for you. You will receive a copy of our completed checklist reflecting your bike's current status with our comments and findings.



This is an 18 Point Motorcycle Wellness Checkup Service addresses your basic levels adjustments and safety concerns. 

$47.50 plus tax

PRE-RIDE Check-list

This 39 point list covers the critical items which should be checked to assure your bike is ready for a safe trip. Before you head  out to Loop the Lake, Ride to Sturgis or the down to the Gulf, have your bike checked out so you know which items need to be addressed and repaired, serviced, or replaced.

$95.00 plus tax

SERVICE Check-list

This 55 Point list covers most all of the functions of your motorcycle. Use this when you are buying a bike and want it "Checked Out" by a pro. Use this also if you have some years and miles on your daily rider and you want to know when and which items will need to be addressed.

$190.00 plus tax